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A New Hero!

In Oct 2016, I met a new hero inside the facility behind the locked doors of a Fla Juvenile Correction Center. “D” was an inmate who, a few weeks prior to my visit, had expressed excitement to one of his supervising officers about what he was learning as he read Liberalism. As you read his letter, you will find an articulate, thoughtful and engaged young man who has recognized an important truth about success; it will be through his choice of thoughts, words and actions that he will dictate his own future. Also present are the attributes of effective leadership…Initiative, Vision, Service and Personal Introspection. 

There are millions of young Black men throughout our nation, like D, with untapped potential. Once there is an acceptance that the American Dream is still alive & well and that starting anew is ALWAYS an option, they too will “Get it”. They will seek, search and educate themselves to become the respected Providers, Protectors and Leaders that is within them, to be. 

Burgess Owens 

“My views on myself, Black men and my Black community is now changed forever in a hopeful and positive way. I now feel that it is not only my job but my duty to make a change”. D 

A Letter From "D"! 

First of all I want to say thank you for writing such a book that is not only informative but also empowering to all Americans, no matter race or age. I have learned so much from your book and as I flip through each page I look forward to what new enlightenments I might gain from the next. My favorite chapters are Chapter 1, “A Tribute to the Greatest Generation”, Chapter 3 “What Happened to all the Good Men”, Chapter 6 “The Early Black Educators: Unsung Heroes”, Chapter 8 “Booker T. Washington & W.E.B Dubois, Chapter 10 “The Talented Tenth: Royalty Class Black Man”, Chapter 11 “The NAACP Strategy: The Trojan Horse” and Chapter 15 ”Planned Parenthood: The Sophistry of Margaret Sanger”. 

Each day, after I’ve done my daily read, I give a brief summary to a group of black males. It is surprising to look at their faces in shock as they find out that the Founders of the NAACP where 21 Liberals and Socialist, all White members, who could care less about the Black Race at all, or BET who is 100% controlled by Whites who work very hard on keeping our minds thinking negative and naïve about what’s really going on in the world today. These are just some of the few topics that I share with them each day and they look forward to finding out the truth on what is being hidden from us in society today. The facts that you present in your book about the downfall of Black males, the Royalty Class Black Man and the positive Black history has been a very, very big eye opener to say the least. The average of 1800 Black babies aborted each day and over 16 million Black babies aborted since 192 is just heart hurting. To know that Black citizens kill 93% of other Black citizens is mouth dropping. The Black community also has a 70% abandonment rate of mother and child. This fact really hit home with me because I have a niece whose father chooses not to be in her life. We have a big issue here and I think it comes from the lack of information about our true Black history and the lack of facts of the cause and effects caused by the action of our Black men in our community’s. I think if we can just get as much of this information out to as many Black males in this nation, it could really spark a chance for change. When I stop and think of your father, grandfather, and great, great grandfather, men of the 54th Volunteer Massachusetts Regiment and the Tuskegee Airman it gives me sense of pride about my people. It lifts my spirit and makes me want to put up a good fight for my people and better my country. I’m glad that you stand up for what is right and for what you believe in. Writing this book did not go in vain. My views on myself, Black men, my Black community and myself are now changed forever in a hopeful and positive way. I now feel that it’s not only my job but also my duty to make a change. One sentence that will always stick in my head is when you stated to the Black community “Never let someone else’s problem become yours”. We really need to focus on our issues first hand before we deal with others. 

May God bless you and I pray that you continue to make an impact in young Black male’s lives, just as you have done mine. 


Eye opener for an African-American Conservative, August 10, 2016

Darren Merriweather

This is the first book that I can remember reading from cover to cover so quickly. I believe Burgess Owens fills in many gaps of black history that my public school education ignored. Having grown up in the inner city of Chicago, I have first hand knowledge of the vicious cycle that liberalism has misguidedly wrought on the African-American community. We need leaders that can help breathe hope into our communities, not fear and hate--thanks for the breath of hope Mr Burgess Owens through the writing of this book! This book is a must read for all people who care about the success of the African-American community. If you can keep an open mind and remain objective, you will discover an awakening that will provoke you to want to make a positive difference in the African-American community.



Excellent Testament

Rob Weinhold

This is a must read for all Americans. Mr Owens presents a compelling and riveting story of prejudice, perseverance, faith, hard work, independence, and the very things that allow Americans to excel and America to realize its exceptionalism. Not reading this book and its wonderful message is a missed opportunity. Thank you, Burgess Owens, for enlightening me and giving me hope that America can return to its great place in the world!




Best "American" book I've read in years.


I'm a teacher who purchased this book for my adult students. The feedback has been incredible with reports of "When I read this, I "get it." My young African American students are keen to know the truth of their heritage and to find a path to success and the American dream. This book provides a framework for both. It is very well written and contains indisputable facts that I might describe as profoundly clarifying the current issues and how we got here. This is a book for "all" Americans who love their country and long for unity, peace and liberty. I have recommended it my friends and hope this little note will encourage you to read it as soon as you can. If we all can learn the truth we can collectively make America the shining light on the hill for everyone.



Much needed book in a time of great division!!!


Phenomenal read!!! Given the current state of affairs concerning race relations, this book adds clarity to the question of "How did we get here?" by chronicling the direct correlation between the demise of the Black community and liberalism/democratic policies. Recommended to everyone on "both sides of the aisle".



A must read for every member of today's Black Community

John S. Crable

Burgess Owen may just have written one of the most eloquent, timely, and most well-reasoned books of our times !!! It needs to be distributed and read heavily within the black community so that they might somehow come to understand exactly how the American Dream has escaped them during these last four decades !!! Burgess has written it so well that anyone with a simple ability to reason can understand what is happening within our current society !!! This is probably the best book I've ever read !!!!



Loved this book

Jo Ann C. Henry

Very eye opening bookj. I learned a lot about the middle class Black Family. Made me proud to be a conservative Christian with compassion. Loved this book! Extremely informative.


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