I BELIEVE that luck is for Bingo; life demands hard work.  The old axiom is true, "the harder we work the luckier we get"

I BELIEVE that we are in life exactly where we see ourselves.  If you want to change your station, change your vision and expectations of yourself. 

I BELIEVE for true success one must not look to the past as if it represents the future.  The future is a place of opportunity and where our happiness is forged.  Live there and learn to enjoy it there.

I BELIEVE that we are all created in the image of a Heavenly Father who loves us and has designed each of us to win.  Life's struggles, of which no one is exempt, are opportunities to learn, grow, and find our better selves. Do your best.  Do it honorably.  Do it with confidence, with power and with high expectations, and remember that you're never alone. Dream Big.

I BELIEVE that my worth is not measured by what I do, by the honors that are bestowed upon me or by material wealth that I might obtain.  Instead I am measured by the courage I show while standing for my beliefs, by the dedication I exhibit to ensure my word is good and the resolve I undertake to establish my actions and deeds as honorable.

I BELIEVE that the principles upon which our country was built are founded on a bedrock of eternal truths—that these truths, when applied, build men and women of character and families with purpose and vision. 

I BELIEVE that men can be inspired by powers on high as evidence by the immortal words penned by America's Founding Fathers: “We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”

I BELIEVE in the concept embodied by the words "We the People,” that America stands as the most powerful and virtuous of all the world's societies because it was not founded on we the blacks, we the whites, we the Christian, we the Jews, we the Moslem, we the Buddhist, we the old, we the young, we the rich or we the poor—but WE THE PEOPLE. Though different we are, through the power of unity and adherence to fundamental beliefs, we are blessed by a common thread that defines the American Way.

I BELIEVE that a country is no better than its people and its people are no better than their dreams—tthat the ability to dream, to hope and to envision the possibilities is among the greatest and most precious gifts.  Living in the freest country in the world we owe it to our Creator to "Dream Big.”  It's a free gift from God to bless all His children.

I BELIEVE that success is a matter of choice not chance.  As we chose to control our attitude, we begin to control our actions.  As we chose to control our actions, we begin to form habits. As we chose to control our habits, we begin to define our character.  As we chose to define our character, we begin to choose our destiny and our happiness.  Success is a matter of choice not chance.  It’s your choice.. 


Burgess and his genuine Reagan Stetson. Though the two never met during the President's lifetime, Burgess was touched by his optimism and devotion to principles that restored American values and leadership throughout the world. "He was a man with vision who believed as I do," Burgess says. "And we both loved football!"

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