NFL Super Bowl Champ Burgess Owens Challenges #PoliticalCorrectness, #SJW Refusing to Acknowledge American Flag

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As the Seattle Seahawks begin their season debating how or if they should support a small minority of teammates who have no regard for the American Flag it may be time for us, as Americans, to ask ourselves some soul-searching questions..

In the quest for team solidarity, will there be courageous athletes who are willing to stand alone if necessary, for our Flag and against the uneducated and unappreciative PC Liberal group think?

In this new millennium of unprecedented Black American success and multi-millionaire athletes seeking Social Justice, the politically correct term for Socialism and Marxism, is this an indication of a generation of parents who have failed to teach their sons pride in our American Way?

As these young men were training for physical/mental tenacity on the football field, were they not also taught Americanism Basics 101 ….an attitude of gratitude for the freedoms and opportunities available ONLY in this country. Have we not sufficiently taught these young multi-millionaires that envisioning “SELF” as part of the solution is an intrinsic ingredient of being a responsible American?

Sitting on the bench during the National Anthem and then trotting onto the field seconds later to make tens of millions within weeks, is not an act of courageous nor will be solve the issue of Black Misery within the Black Community. On the other hand, our young QB’s selective act of protest represents the height of hypocrisy. True courage and commitment to his cause of Social Justice and ending Black Oppression would entail refusing to step on the field on game day in protest or donating his guaranteed 11 million salary to his cause. There are thousands of activists throughout time who have gone on hunger strikes and risk their lives for less. If taking a knee for 1-2 minutes is the best this young man can do for the cause of the Oppressed Black Race, it is only an act of convenience and self-serving cowardice, nothing more.

Suggestion…Instead of sitting and whining over the nondescript term for socialism, Social Justice, maybe our young multi-millionaire should instead Stand …envision, invest, risk, and work within the Free enterprise market to hire, mentor and give hope to the 83% of Black teen boys nationally who are chronically unemployed in Democratic Party enclaves across our country. How about having the courage to have a heart to heart talk with his like-minded “Social Justice” Black peer fathers, 70% of who abandon their baby boys and girls. His message to these so called men, if he had the gumption to Stand up and Speak up…”Stop pulling our race down by acquiescing to the racist stereotypes of the 1930’s Democrat Margaret, the 1900’s racist southern Democrats and 2016 portrayal of Black men on Black Entertainment TV (BET)… irresponsible Reckless Black Breeders. You are an embarrassment and detriment to the Black community and we are growing far to many of you.. MAN-UP!!!

There is another segment of our nation that needs to MAN-UP and stand for our Nations symbol…the NFL owners. These are some of our nation’s wealthiest Americans, men who have benefited financially more that 99% of our nations populace and who should understand the underpinnings of what our Flag represents…..the opportunity and freedom to dream big, to partake in the free market, to risk, fail and to try again until we succeed. As they sit passively in their luxury boxes watching their young, immature, wealthy and clueless employees turn their NFL brand into the antithesis of past eras, represented by Coach Lombardi and owner Al Davis, we have to wonder if PC seeking approval has turned this generation of NFL owners into an elite group of Whiners, Winnies and Wimps. If so, they would represent the deepest disappointment to their father’s generation who took pride and courage in the symbolism of our Flag. That proud and patriotic generation would never sit passively by and allowed it to be demeaned.

As a former NFL player, I am one American who will have NOTHING to do with ANY NFL Team that cannot find the corporate courage to Stand for the millions of courageous past great Americans whose sacrifice gave meaning to our Flag and National Anthem and to the millions upon millions who still dream to come to its Free shores.

By Burgess Owens
September 13, 2016

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